How to download Windows 10 and burn it into USB

    In this blog we will show you how get Windows on your USB and install it

    Before you install Windows 10 from a flash USB drive, you need to burn a Windows 10 ISO train to a USB drive. Then you’ll learn how to burn Windows 10 ISO to USB step by step.

    Before you get started, you need to prepare a USB drive and plug it to your computer. For Windows 10 32- bit editions, you’ll need a USB with the outside 4 GB free space. For Windows 10 64- bit editions, you’ll need a USB with the maximum 8 GB free space. It’s recommended that you use a blank USB as any content on the USB will be deleted in order to burn the ISO train.
    You can burn the ISO to USB manually

    Originally, Download an ISO train from Microsoft

    1. Go to Microsoft download runner and click Download tool now to download

    2. Double-click on the downloaded train also Accept the terms.

    3. Select option Produce installation media for another PC.

    4. Elect the Language, Edition and Architecture that you wish to install and click Coming button to continue

    5. Select option ISO train and click Coming button.

    6. Choose a position where you wish to save the train. The Train is named as “ Windows” by dereliction. Just change the Train name if you want. After clicking Save button, the download starts incontinently.

    The process of downloading and creating will take some time.

    When it completes, you’ll see the following screen. Also click Finish button.
    Secondly, Download and Install Windows USB/ DVD Download Tool from Microsoft
    1. Go to Microsoft download runner. Scroll down to find and click on Windows USB/ DVD Download Tool. Also follow the on- screen instructions to download the tool, and save it to a specific position.
    2. After download completes, double-click on the train to install the software. When install completes, you’ll see the roadway of the software on desktop ( see below image).

    Thirdly, follow way below to burn the ISO train to USB drive

    1. Double-click on the roadway of USB/ DVD download tool.

    2. Click Browse button to navigate to the position where you saved the ISO train also choose the train. Also click on Next.

    3. Click on USB device.

    4. Elect the USB drive that you want to burn the ISO trainto.However, the drive will be named by dereliction, If there’s one drive plugged to computer. Also click on Begin copying.
    5. Click on Abolish USB Device.

    6. Click Yes to confirm the abolish.

    The process will take a while. Stay a while until you see the Bootable USB device created successfully. Also you can open the USB drive and use it to install Windows 10.

    Still, you can use a trusted third- party tool to help you like “ UltralSO”, If you have difficulty burning the ISO train to USB manually.

    Links for download

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